Seminars and Vacation

Il Convento, originally home to the Order of Augustine nuns and known as Santa Martha, was constructed in the sixteenth century. Today, it has been tastefully and comfortably restored as a Seminar Centre, accomodating guests arriving for participation in a variety of courses and events.

The uniquely wild beauty of the surroundings, and the welcoming hospitality of the house, together with its Italian flavour, created the ideal frame for recuperative and intensive seminars. The silence and the cheerful atmosphere have an instant effect, and let your mind become as clear as the air!

Either as a seminar place or as a vacation destination, Il Convento offers you an extraordinary setting with a modern infrastructure, in an area untouched by tourism, but one of Europe's most culturally rich and historic areas.

Here you will find the calendar of events for the upcoming year. To obtain details of each individual event, just click on the Seminar of your choice.

We also welcome guests not participating in group Seminars. For more details click here. here!