Martina Weber

Martina weber is teacher for the Initiati bearing play after Silvia Ostertag©, Zenlehrerin (authorizes Roshi from Silvia Ostertag , Rin' un), trained in energy and body work of the polarization method, actress and expression dancer.

Since 23 years lives it with its man and its two children in the Toskana, where they purchased and as seminar center developed an old monastery ruin, today as IL Convento well-known.

Since 1987 it leads seminars for creative body and consciousness work. It developed its own beginning, which connects free dance and the Initiati bearing play with sitting in the silence. It is a exercise way, which can cause a profound process of the Selbstklärung and self identification.
Their courses take place in Germany and Italy.

 The training zum/r Lehrer/in for the Initiati bearing play after Silvia Ostertag© begins in January 2