"We all need a place, such as a retreat center or a monastery, where we can go to renew ourselves.

The features of the landscape, the buildings,

and the sound of the bell should be designed

to remind us to return to awareness.

Even when we cannot actually go to the retreat center,

we can think of it, smile, and feel ourselves becoming peaceful."

By Thich Nhat Hanh 

Our Vision

Since 1992, we have been working together on Il CONVENTO, our life project. Our vision was to create a space that allows people to retreat from the strains of everyday life, get back in touch with themselves and find meaning. We take care to create an environment that stimulates inner healing and supports a mindful way of life, focusing on what is essential. It was our wish to create a space for spiritual and creative experience.

In the former nunnery IL CONVENTO we found an ideal place to transform this vision into reality. It was fitting to take up the spirit of monastic life: meditate, work and live in a community. In this way, we spent the first seven years rebuilding IL CONVENTO with the help of many volunteers.

Today, IL CONVENTO serves as a course venue and guesthouse offering a wide range of seminars, courses and retreats. It is a powerful place that makes it possible to leave behind what is familiar and be inspired and refreshed.

“Convenire” means coming together. At IL CONVENTO, people come together to find their way to conscious humanity – in togetherness and/or individually.