10 - 14 june 2024

Convento Festival




Welcome to our holistic festival at the Convent Retreat Center, from June 10th to June 14th, 2024! It’s a unique experience that blends mind, body, and spirit through a variety of workshops, including yoga, meditation, music, contemporary dance, bodywork, breathwork, and other activities designed to enrich your embodied human experience on this planet. Join us in this adventure and connect with your essence sharing a journey of personal growth.

We await you with open hearts and minds, ready to explore your potential!


Our vision is to gather as a tribe, embracing the deep sense of belonging which resides in each of us. We will inhabit an ancient and sacred space: Il Convento and spend a few days together, in the midst of the wild hills of northern Tuscany, nestled between the majestic Apuan Alps and the serene Mediterranean sea. Our intention is to gather in humbleness and respect for both nature and one other, embarking on a shared journey to co-create a sanctuary of love, attentive listening, and profound transformation.



We are not aiming to organize just another healing festival. 

There is much more behind it.


Check out the website and stay tuned:



Il Convento Retreat Center, 54014 Casola In Lunigiana MS, Italy


Mail: hello@convento-festival.xyz

Tel: +49 1523 700 52 87