Martina Weber

Martina Weber is is co-founder and director of the seminar house Il Convento.

She is a trainer for the Initiatic Gestures Play according to Silvia Ostertag© and a zen teacher (authorised by Silvia Ostertag, Rin’un Roshi, Sanbô Zen). She is also trained in dance theatre using the Polarisation Method by Tai Deharde.

Furthermore, for two years, she studied acting and directing (“the poor theatre”) at the Instituto di Arte Scenica, Pontremoli. In addition, she trained as a transpersonal therapist with Rainer Pervöltz.

Since 1987 she has been leading seminars supporting personal consciousness development using creative and expressive body work, meditative methods, dance and theatre. She has developed her own approach which combines the Initiatic Gestures Play with free dance and sitting in silence. This is a form of practice that can stimulate profound processes of self-development and healing. Her courses take place in Germany and Italy.

She has been living with her husband in Casola in Lunigiana in Northern Tuscany where they raised their two children and rebuilt an old nunnery from its remains, today known as Il Convento.

The training for trainers of the Initiatic Gestures Play according to Silvia Silvia Ostertag© started in January 2017 and will conclude in January 2020.