Marcel Müller

Marcel Müller is co-founder and director of the seminar house Il Convento in Northern Tuscany, which he restored over many years of construction together with his wife Martina Weber and many helpers.

Marcel completed studies of sociology and astrology and used to work in the media. Today, he oversees the construction at Il Convento and works as a mountain guide amongst many other roles. He has been practising Hatha Yoga and meditation for many years after meeting his Indian yoga teacher Selvarajan Yesudian in the 70s. The fruits of this practice are so obvious that he has kept it up until this day.

His search for the common core of various spiritual traditions brought him in touch with native American spirituality, Buddhism, and Western esoteric traditions. Through the Mexican healer of the Toltec tradition, Soledad Ruiz, he received insights into the magic world of shamanism.