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Martina und Marcel


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Dear friends and guests,

Casola in March 2018

Dear friends and guests, Casola in March 2018 …. It is the beginning of March and spring is revealing itself after a long cold winter. The annual renovation and construction works are in full swing. Stone tiles are being re-laid on the paths around Il Convento and construction for the outdoor dance and practice platform has begun.

This is the local news from Il Convento. Globally, it is clear that we live on a planet with a very sensitive and fragile environment and many social and political challenges. All the more reason to continue with what we consider is a meaningful contribution.

It is our wish to offer with Il Convento a space for spiritual and creative experience which supports a mindful way of life, focusing on what is essential. An environment which will inspire and foster both personal development as well as constructive social processes.

All are warmly invited to join our diverse course for self-development, delivered by qualified teachers. We thank you for your loyalty and your interest and look forward to your visit. In this way we wish you all a good and peaceful year with relaxing and inspiring times – perhaps at Il Convento.